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Ontario gas prices are set to rise on Thursday, so motorists looking to save their money will want to hit up their local station before hump day is over.

According to Gas Wizard's latest predictions, most provincial regions will see their pumps rise by 3 cents on Thursday, November 24, 2022, leaving cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor and the Niagara region offering 157.9 cents per litre by tomorrow.

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This weekend brings bad news for Ontario gas prices, with almost nowhere in the province set to dodge a significant increase.

According to gas analyst Dan McTeague, the province will see pump prices rise by 5 cents a litre on Saturday, with most totals leaping up to 177.9 cents per litre, including spots like Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener, Niagara and Windsor.

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Ontario gas prices are awful again. Pumps are at their highest since August, and another sizeable increase is expected for Friday. The inclines have been so steep that motorists could soon be fuelling up for over 20 cents more than they were at the beginning of the month.

According to Gas Wizard, most of the province will see their gas rates go up by 3 cents on October 28, 2022, bringing totals to 176.9 cents per litre for regions including the Greater Toronto Area, Niagara, Ottawa and Windsor-Essex.

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Ontario gas prices are on track to record another worthwhile decrease on Wednesday, with most regions set to dip to their lowest prices in weeks.

According to gas analyst Dan McTeague, prices will fall by 3 cents on Wednesday, leaving pumps at 160.9 cents per litre for most of southern Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor, and Niagara.

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After a fluctuation-heavy weekend, Ontario gas prices are at a standstill on Monday, with only a few cities set to record change.

According to the latest predictions by Gas Wizard, most of the province, including Toronto, Windsor, Niagara and Kingston, will offer drivers 163.9 cents per litre following Sunday's 2-cent decrease.

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