gender identity

From the excitement of a new environment to the grandiose expectations of a new life chapter, it's no secret that going to university is an invigorating time in every prospective student's life. Though, your choice of which Canadian institution to attend is rarely an easy one, especially if you identify under the 2SLGBTQIA+ umbrella.

There's already so much to be mindful of: tuition fees, social events, local cost of living, accessibility, part-time job opportunities, you name it; and if you add navigating the very personal concept of gender identity and expression into the mix, you very well could give yourself a headache before your queer self lands at your dream school.

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Demi Lovato is updating her pronouns and she's adding she/her back to her list.

The singer and former Disney star now has "they/them/she/her" listed on her Instagram account, in an update that comes about a year after Lovato started using they/them.

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Anyone who is changing their gender designation on a B.C. government ID no longer needs to get confirmation from a doctor or psychologist.

As of January 10, a person who is changing their gender on a B.C. Services Card, driver’s licence, ID card or birth certificate is able to do so without medical confirmation.

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