If you're one of those who moved off the island there are things you will definitely miss. Some places just can't compare to the lovely charm and uniqueness of this province. Whether it's the food that you crave or the adventures you dream of, there will always be a little piece of your heart dedicated to Newfoundland.

If you've spent some time on the rock you've danced your ass off, hiked along the coastline and had the best fish and chips life can offer. Along with those obvious activities you more than likely miss some of these as well.

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When you're broke AF but you want to get drunk AF, downtown St. John's is the answer to your weekend problems. With the most pubs per capita of any street in North America, George Street has a love-hate relationship with many. Jam packed with people looking for a good time, there's no shortage of places to go. While there are several great bars located on Duckworth and Water street the majority are all sandwiched together on George.

Call your chicas and your drinking buddies and hit the street. Get your drink on for a few bucks at these popular bars and pubs.

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