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Les filles, être dans notre gang, c’est vraiment awesome. Je suis d’ailleurs dans l’équipe des Spice Girls, sans les plateformes et les chorégraphies, mais je crie haut et fort «Girl Power».

Être affublé de ce sexe vient quand même avec son lot de struggles, on va se le dire. Je SAIS que tu vas aussi te reconnaitre dans ces gifs parfaits pour décrire les petits et grands problèmes du quotidien d’une fille.

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Say it with me: ughhhh!

You're a millennial which means you're offended by everything and you're pretty sure your eyes will never roll back down from the top of your head. I don't blame you. The odds are stacked against us in every aspect and we constantly need to prove to our relatives that "Social Media Coordinator" is actually a job. And one that you'd be like, really good at.

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Ah summer sixteen, the perfect time to document every single thing you're doing to make your peers jealous and aware of your fabulous life (because isn't that what social media really is?). The issue with us being a generation that does show what we're doing all the time can be summed up in one word: basic. Now the word basic has gotten a pretty bad rap lately. Whether you're being basic with Starbucks or jamming out to your basic top 40 playlist, it seems you'll get someone judging you for being too mainstream.

You know what though? We're all a little basic, example A? How any landscape picture is automatically a #view. Or how about how anytime you run through the six, it's automatically ft. your woes. But what's wrong with that? Ya I like my lattes grande and my pop tinged with some auto tuned T-Pain, and I'm not ashamed of that. So whether or not you've used these captions, which to be honest we all have, we're all a little basic at heart. Too strung on compliments, overdosed on confidence; the basic Toronto game is still owning it.

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If you had started a conversation 5 years ago by saying, "So I was creeping Bill the other day and saw he was single again..." you would have probably spent a lot of time hearing polite but frantic excuses to leave the conversation. But now we live in this beautiful world where creeping isn't a social taboo, rather it's a conversation topic that's celebrated with the excitement that comes from finding out your crush has an unlocked profile on Instagram.

And even though some people are shy to admit it: we all creep each other on any and every form of social media we can get our hands on. It's human nature to want to know about the details of other people's lives, like hello, why do you think fiction has survived for so long? Or reality TV shows? Everyone does it, and everyone experiences the awkward and embarrassing outcomes that still come from this once solitary practice. But it's a new world, we creep together. Whether it's your crush, your ex, or that stunning girl from your Poli-Sci lecture; here are some struggles of modern day creeping everyone goes through. (Ya, even you)

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Messieurs, cet article n'est pas une joke. Peu importe ce que tu portes, de quoi tu as l'air ou ce que tu es en train de faire, à la seconde où tu vas faire l'un de ces gestes, les femmes autour de toi vont ressentir quelque chose de chimique changer en elles. C'est plus fort que nous, ça nous atteint, un peu comme quand quelque chose provoque Hulk et qu'il se fâche. Pour nous, ces onze actes ci-dessous provoquent notre libido. Voilà.

Je ne sais pas exactement pourquoi, mais oui, quand tu t'étires j'ai une urgente envie de coucher avec toi. Pis oui, si tu tiens sur un cadre de porte, j'ai juste envie de monter à califourchon sur toi et t'attaquer de bisous. Mais, ce qui est probablement le pire dans mon cas... c'est quand tu montes les manches de ta chemise. Tes avant-bras deviennent soudainement des aimants à Lysandre Nadeau. Puis probablement à une coupelle d'autres filles aussi, promis.

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