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Who doesn't love free food? 

With how much everyone's been dining in this year, $10,000 in groceries will go a long way. Think of all the frozen pizzas and ice cream you could buy! 

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There are plenty of perks that come with being Canadian, not the least of which is that our vacations at home are simply awesome.

And while we may pride ourselves on our ability to make the best of our iconic cold weather, let's be honest: it's great when summer finally rolls around.

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When it comes to Roll Up The Rim 2021, there are plenty of prizes to be won that are more than just free coffee and some of them are pretty fancy.

This year, the game has been revamped to be entirely digital with a new name and more than 18 million prizes are up for grabs.

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For your next add-to-cart kind of day, we gathered up the best Winners and HomeSense Canada secrets that everyone needs to know.

It is hard not to love these home decor and clothing stores, as they have a continually changing selection of epic finds. Plus, your wallet will thank you as everything is 20% to 60% below full price.

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Valentine's dinner may be Chez Moi rather than a prix fixe menu at a romantic bistro this year, so why not go for the gold and add a little sparkle to your guest's attire? 

Mejuri is a Toronto-based, female-founded jeweler bringing stunning and understated jewelry to the masses without the major markup. Limited releases each Monday mean you can snap up sweet earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings (even engagement rings and wedding bands) for you, your bestie, or your honey at an even sweeter price - perfect for V Day celebrations of any relationship status.

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