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If there's one thing we're obsessed with, it's people who get shit DONE. Motivated, talented individuals, grinding and inspiring us. With social media these days, we are super lucky to have access to thousands of people who have the same wants, goals and aspirations as ourselves. 

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This is the part where we turn to Youtube and search up, "Who Runs The World". As the video loads, we mentally and physically prepare ourselves to be slayed not only by Bey's presence but also by the messages of women empowerment throughout the 4 minutes and 50 seconds of the song. Whether she is a CEO, non-profit organizer, designer, health enthusiast or mental health advocate, she is more than just a pretty face, she's a girl boss!

The term "boss" it is often viewed negatively when paired with the female gender, since the assumption is, "she must be a bitch". Ummm, no. This is 2017, people! Please drop these assumptions and better yet, make it a part of your new years resolution. A girl boss is a woman who is not afraid to chase her dreams, isn't afraid to make mistakes, is passionate and loves the term "hustle." We want to shine a light on a few girl bosses in the city who to this day, continue to work hard when it comes to their vision and have no problem sharing their journey with others as well provide words of encouragement. Don't worry ladies, we see you!

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Toronto girls are one of a kind - and your girlfriend is no exception. She is Toronto to the core; the city runs in her veins and she loves it. She is a born and raised Toronto girl and her city roots have helped shape her into the woman she is today. Overall, she is a real keeper.

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Maudit que dans vie y'a de ces filles que l'on côtoie ou que l'on voit à travers nos écran qui sont hot! Hot dans le sens talentueuse, charmante, fonceuse bref, la fille qui a tout pour elle, définitivement! J'te jure qu'à Québec, y'en a des filles pleines d'ambition!

Celles que je te présente aujourd'hui ont pas juste un beau Instagram! Of course, tu dois absolument les suivre mais elles sont encore plus belle de l'intérieur que leur Instagram en soi, ça te donne une idée tsé!

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The first time I saw Jessi Cruickshank was on the MTV Hill's aftershow.  She quickly became my favourite host with her sarcastic sense of humour, insanely magnetic personality and the fact that we shared a mutual love for Justin Bobby.  In the past couple of years,  she has been making serious waves in the entertainment industry on etalk and most recently a new daytime talk show, The Goods.  

I got the opportunity to ask Jessi a few questions about her most memorable celeb encounters, her favourite parts of Toronto and how she has managed to accomplish so much at such a young age!

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