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So you're planning on going somewhere for dinner with your friends or your bae but you can't choose where to go. Don't worry, this list will definitely help you out. Whether you're planning a girls night, a double date, or a cute date night with your bae, there's a restaurant for every occasion here in Ottawa!

Restaurants are the best place to sit down and just talk about your life and what you're up to. This list of places to eat will help you decide where you and your friends can eat for the night.

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It's really not that pleasant going out clubbing in the winter. The cold weather, the snow and the issues with transportation are a nightmare. Running make up, layers of clothing, static hair - you end up turning into a disaster.

The Entertainment District in Toronto comes with a package of struggles, regardless of the time of the year. However, things tend to get a bit more complicated during the cold season. Here's a list of 13 struggles all Torontonians face when they decide to go out clubbing during the winter:

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If you love cheese, and you love chocolate you'll probably be obsessed with this new chocolate cheese.  Or you'll just be really fvcking conflicted, like me.

This new groundbreaking creation was made in Melbourne by "dairy-specialists" that work at a company called Curds & Whey.  The chocolate cheese has been a huge hit so far, and is currently sold out due to popular demand.  They even created a waitlist for those looking to be first in line for the next order.

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Si t'es sur cet article, tu es clairement comme moi: t'adores sortir pour une bonne bouffe et un drink entre amies. Sauf que mon problème, c'est que je travaille dans les restos, donc pas mal tous les samedis.

Malheureusement, sur la Rive-Nord de Montréal, il y a beaucoup moins d'options, surtout en semaine. De toute façon, on va se le dire, quand t'habites à Blainville ou Bois-des-Filion, ça te tente vraiment pas d'aller au centre-ville un mardi soir. Surtout que l'été a coûté cher en titi. Heureusement, être une femme amène beaucoup d'avantages.  J'ai donc trouvé pour toi, demoiselle de la Rive-Nord, une soirée ladies night pour chaque soir de la semaine.

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It's time for girls night. Even if you my have seen your BFF yesterday, it's always great to spend time together! Summer is the best time of the year to wear the most glamorous outfits and go out with your crew.

Of course, the most memorable girl's night always includes drinks. No need to be drunk, but to have fun together (and remember it), getting tipsy with some sweet cocktails is the mix you want to amazing evenings!

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