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Everyone should have a tequila night once in a while because FYI, it's one of the only alcoholic beverages that is an upper. You're guaranteed a fun time when you're drinking tequila because it make people happy!

Tequila is divided into 5 types: Blanco (Silver), Joven (Gold), Reposado (Aged), Añejo (Extra aged) and Extra Añejo (Ultra-aged). The quality is also determined based on whether it's 100%  Agave or Mixed. Once you've decided what type of tequila you want, you have the options to choose between taking tequila shots or cocktails such as margaritas.

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Finally summer has arrived in Vancouver! These past few days have been so beautiful, I just want to spend time outside! Probably my French side talking, but one thing that I enjoy during summer is going to bar and having a drink with my friends on an amazing patio. What's fantastic in Vancouver is I can do that being up in the air!

Rooftop patios are amazing to get a spectacular view of the city AND to meet very cool people. If you want to take advantage of the happy hours or just feel like day drinking with your BFF on top of the city, pick one of these best rooftop patios:

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Since childhood, we've all had memories of those long and hot summers of careless days spent with your best friend. Simple things like burying one another under the san on the beach or camping together in your back yard. This warm feeling of pure joy will make this wonderful person unforgettable.

Although you may not be interested in camping in your backyard today, that does't mean you can't enjoy those BFF moments full of laughs, complicit glance, everlasting chats about everything and anything. Whatever embarrassing moments, overwhelming flow of emotions or crazy thoughts of yours, your BBF is always there to support and listen to you.

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Just like relationships, friendships require effort. Therefore, it's important to spend quality with time with your girlfriends to keep the friendship strong and going.

It's nice to stay in once and while to catch up with the girls but it's also important to go out and do things together. What to do? Where to go? Those are questions you often contemplate with the ladies before going out. In order to help you answer these questions, I've compiled a list of 10 places you should consider going out to with your ladies in Toronto:

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There are so many beautiful women in Toronto, but the question is, where do they all go out? Our city is so big, there are so many venues to choose from. Restaurants, bars, lounges, private clubs; how do you decide where to make the move?  Well, they're definitely not sitting at home, I'll tell you that much.

If you're lacking some female attention in life and you're interested in meeting someone new, you should stop by one of these 12 Toronto Place Where Gorgeous Women Hang Out:

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