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You can get fancy from home with these Toronto nail kits

While trips to the salon may be on hold, you can get ready-to-wear nail kits sent right to your door.

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Il y a quelque chose de magique à propos des bals. Automatiquement, quand le mot «bal» est prononcé, l’image d’un film de princesse s’installe dans ma tête et je vois Cendrillon danser dans sa grande robe bleue.

C’est vrai que c’est le genre d’événement spécial et class que tu aimes avoir dans ta vie une fois de temps en temps.

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Whether you are looking for some DIY videos on Youtube on how to perfect the Kardashian smokey eye or just an everyday hair tutorial - you will find it with these girls.

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Every so often our favorite beauty brands release new exclusive products. Sometimes they can be a hit or miss. And we all know beauty products can cost an arm and a leg.

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There is always something to do in Toronto. The city is always buzzing with new adventures. But doing things with someone by your side is much better than doing it alone! So grab your bestie and enjoy what Toronto has to offer! 

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