Prepare to feel proud, Canada! Dan Levy’s Golden Globes speech called for more inclusion and diversity in the awards ceremony going forward, "because there is so much more to be celebrated."

On Sunday evening, during the 2021 Golden Globes, Toronto-born writer, director and actor Dan Levy accepted Schitt’s Creek’s award for Best Television Series.

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Calling all Schitt’s Creek fans! On Sunday evening, Canada’s Catherine O’Hara won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the iconic Moira Rose in the Toronto-based TV show.

Accepting the award for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series,” the Torontonian gave a pretty heartwarming speech during which she thanked Eugene and Dan Levy.

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The elegant and romantic Netflix series Bridgerton is hugely popular all across the world right now, but did you know that Toronto once had its own version of Bridgerton play out in real life?

In 18th-century Toronto, two high-ranking government officials duelled to the death in the name of a woman's honour, which will sound super familiar to anyone who's binge-watched the show.

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After years of talk surrounding the project, Toronto's Rogers Centre might face demolition, reports The Globe and Mail.

Apparently, the owner of the stadium is working on a plan to demolish the old stadium and replace it with a new one, approximately half the size of the one that currently stands.

A portion of the northern end of the stadium would be turned into condos, office buildings, stores, and public space.

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