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Going out in Toronto can depend on many things. Do you want to get absolutely wasted? Do you want to have fun? Do you want to spend no money? These are all important questions. But maybe the most important question of all: What are you going to where?

Is it a comfy night? Do you want to stunt on your ex? What's the vibe? It really does just depend on the night. If you're trying to figure out where to go based on what you want to wear, this is the list for you:

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It's Thursday, your skin is clear, your energy is glowing and you're feeling good inside and out. If you feel any of the above statements, you know how tonight is going to go down. 

A lot of people use the phrase "Toronto Thot" in a bad way but here's how I look at it: you're in your coolest fit, with your squad, dancing and having the best time ever.

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Going out every weekend in Winnipeg can totally get tiring. Whether you're sick of the same scene, don't feel like getting dressed up, or just can't hack those 3 AM nights anymore, there are still lots of other fun things to do!

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We all know how it goes. It's the weekend, we've assembled our squad of people for a night out and then we're stuck. With a large group of people it is the WORST trying to figure out a place to go. 

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It's not easy living in Vancouver. Between making your rent, affording your bills, and paying off your student loan, you still want to have some kind of social life and get lit on a Friday night with your squad once in a while. 

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