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Off The Top: Five recently fired daycare workers are facing felony charges after terrifying their young wards with a scary Halloween mask similar to the one from the slasher movie Scream. Unfortunately, the kids' horrors won't stop there: the daycare is in Mississippi, home of some of the lowest education and health care funding of any state in the union.

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A Black former MP claims she was "racially profiled" by security personnel while entering the Senate of Canada building over the weekend.

Celina Caesar-Chavannes, a former Liberal member of parliament for Whitby, took to Twitter on Sunday to allege that Parliament Hill security guards had unjustly put her through checkpoints despite her visible status as a former MP.

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Doug Ford announced last week that enforcement will be ramping up under Ontario's stay-at-home order

Focusing mostly on public gatherings, officers will be issuing tickets to people who aren't following the rules.

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If you have federal student loans in Canada, help could be on the way because the government has proposed a bunch of ways it plans to assist students.

Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland released Canada's 2021 budget which includes a $4.1 billion investment to help make post-secondary education more affordable and to support students who have the greatest needs.

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Just days after details about Ontario’s latest stay-at-home order were announced, the provincial government is walking back some of its restrictions.

By Sunday, April 18, the government had revealed it would be reversing some aspects of the restrictions on outdoor spaces and altering the newly announced policing powers.

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