gummy bears

When someone returns a lost item, many recipients will reward them for their honesty, but one German man says the gift he got after returning a massive cheque was anything but special.

Anouar G. told the German newspaper Bild that he did what was expected of him when he found a lost check for $4.8 million made out to the candy company Haribo.

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As-tu soif? Je sais que t'as soif. T'as littéralement tout le temps soif. Et avec la belle température dehors, difficile de ne pas avoir le goût de siroter une bonne sangria. C'est l'fun la sangria. Mais ce qui est encore plus le fun, c'est les sangrias qui sortent de l'ordinaire. Genre cette sangria au gummy bears que je viens tout juste de découvrir!!!

Des jujubes + de l'alcool = le parfait jus d'adulte. 

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A wise man once said that alcohol is the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems. Although the unrelenting eight-hour hangovers you see looming over the heads of Torontonians every Sunday morning may agree with him, bulk food purchases are an equally addictive vice that provide the same impenetrable high and extended bout of severe anxiety as those seven double vodka sodas you accidentally had on a Monday.

For some, a magical place may be where gym memberships are affordable without selling your organs on the black market, where you never have to hear the words, “I’m gluten free” or, “I read the book before the movie” ever again. For others, however, nothing is deemed more magical than a place where you can dance down aisles of gummy bears and mixed nuts. Where barrels of quinoa are mere steps from those giant jawbreakers you broke your teeth on as a kid.

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