gun laws canada

The Government of Canada has outlined its new mandatory buyback program for Canadian firearm owners and is looking for feedback on the pricing scale of the new gun law.

Per a recent release by Public Safety Canada, the feds have banned more than 1,500 types of assault-style guns since 2020 and are launching the buyback program to get "assault-style firearms" out of Canadian communities.

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A new revamp of gun laws in Canada was introduced on May 30 and it could mean that the sale, transfer and purchase of handguns in Canada are completely banned.

While the bill, called Bill C-21, still needs to be brought before the House of Commons, if implemented, it would be an overhaul of the current firearms regulations.

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New firearm laws are coming to Canada as a way to regulate the sale of guns in the country.

Coming into effect on May 18, a new law says that anyone transferring or selling a gun in Canada will have to confirm the buyer's identity and make sure they have a valid firearms license.

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