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A 20-month-old toddler has died after being hit in the head by a massive hailstone in Spain's Catalonia region, where a brutal storm caused major damage this week.

Fist-sized hailstones rained down during the storm on Tuesday, fatally injuring the child and leaving about 50 other people with broken bones and bruises, reported Reuters. The hailstones measured about 10 centimetres in diameter, the local Catalonian government said on their website.

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Ontario's summer may be fading fast, but its infamous chaotic weather is not ready to quit yet!

Environment Canada (EC) issued a special weather statement Wednesday morning warning of "exceptionally" high temperatures and humidity across southern Ontario, with daytime temperatures reaching a high of up to 34 C in some areas.

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Ontario's weather forecast is bringing the chaotic midweek energy with heat warnings, severe thunderstorms and nickel-sized hail that can "damage property and cause injury."

If you were wondering how to prepare for the day on Wednesday, you may want to bring a couple of outfit options that include an umbrella and water bottle in each hand.

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Spring looked more like winter when Canada's weather caused a hail storm in Saskatchewan so strong that you'd be forgiven if you thought snow was on the ground.

On Thursday, June 9, severe thunderstorms moved across central and southern Saskatchewan which led to warnings for strong winds and large hail, The Weather Network reported.

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Southern Ontario is in for some chaotic weather with several areas under watch for "severe thunderstorms" that may bring "nickel-sized hail," serious wind gusts and downpours.

So, if you're planning on heading out on Wednesday morning or into the afternoon, you may want to bring a backup and an extra-strong umbrella — or just a hard hat and some rubber boots if you really need to walk around town.

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