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Finding the motivation to exercise in the same room where you do most of your chilling can feel impossible sometimes.

According to Toronto fitness trainer Celine Lolos, though, you can do a sweaty full-body workout in less time than it takes you to choose something to watch on Netflix.

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Are you good with your hands? If the answer is yes, then you're in luck, because the Government of Canada is currently hiring carpenters in Ottawa and you could be one of them!

The job pays $30 an hour, and although you don't need a post-secondary diploma to snag the position, you'll have to make up for it with over five years of experience in the field.

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When Jimmy Kimmel had former Raptors star Kawhi Leonard on his show, the basketball player revealed his hands were always cold in Toronto because he could never find gloves that were big enough.

But Roots has got Leonard's back (and fingers), and the company proved it with its latest Twitter post. 

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After years of wondering why Kawhi Leonard really decided to leave Toronto, we can finally put our curiosities to rest.

And perhaps it's a reason you may not have guessed — turns out, Kawhi couldn't find a single pair of gloves in Toronto that fit his massive hands, or so he told Kimmel.

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If you're in need of a little window shopping, look no further than Toronto's Kensington Market. You can easily spend a day poking in and out of the shops in this wonderfully eccentric neighbourhood. Not to mention all the amazing food and people-watching you'll get to enjoy.

Though, if you need a bit of convincing, we put together a list of the most unique, hilarious, and downright unusual things you can buy in Kensington.

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