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Going out is fun and all — until it's the next morning and you're in bed with a pounding headache and an upset stomach.

Losing a day to nasty hangover symptoms is just not it, but there’s a Canadian-made product called Activate DHM that may help you avoid all that.

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What if you could enjoy a boozy night out with your friends and then wake up chipper and ready for brunch the next morning, without paying the price of a hangover?

A new "pre-drinking pill" called Myrkl promises to help make that dream a reality by breaking down the alcohol in your system over the course of a night of drinking. The pill supposedly spares you from the alcohol remnants that give you a hangover in the first place, allowing you to carry on headache-free the next day.

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It's time to kick it back with an old-school classic. So grab that bag of popcorn, as these throwback movies on Netflix are sure to give millennials major nostalgia.

You might be shocked to realize how long ago iconic flicks like The Matrix (1999), Legally Blonde (2001), or Mean Girls (2004) were released. But years later, these iconic gems are just as enjoyable.

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Ça nous est tous déjà arrivé de « l’échapper » et de transformer un simple verre entre amis en réelle beuverie sans trop l’avoir souhaité à la base. Pour la plupart, ce type de soirée est simplement accompagné d’une migraine le lendemain matin et d’une journée un peu moins productive.

Pour la plupart... parce qu’on a tous cet ami à qui il arrive toujours des histoires de brosses inimaginables dignes du film Hangover. Une personne comme ça, dans notre cercle d’amis, qui réussit aussi à nous faire prendre les pires décisions au monde. 

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We all know that feeling after a wild night out. You wake up and immediately 3 thoughts run through your mind: where's the washroom, where am I and where can I get the best greasy breakfast to cure my hangover?

Read More: It's Official A&W Now Has All Day Breakfast & 10 Types of Toronto Hangovers You've Had More Than Twice

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