The second week of Big Brother CanadaSeason 9 has officially come to an end and, with that, we've said goodbye to another houseguest. Fair warning, spoilers lie ahead. 

In an interview with Narcity, the evicted houseguest told us about their struggles in the house. 

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January 21, 2021, is grabbing people's attention for multiple reasons.

The first reason being today's date is a palindrome, meaning the date when written numerically, 1/21/21, is the exact same when read backward.

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Canadians could be returning to the polls this year. In a new interview, Justin Trudeau has revealed that a Canadian election in 2021 “could well happen.”

Speaking to Montreal’s CHOU 1450 AM radio station on January 8, per Global News, the prime minister admitted that Canadians could be voting again before the year is over.

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The clocks they are a-changin'! When daylight saving time in Canada ends, that means sunrises and sunsets will be so much earlier. The earliest sunset will actually be at 3:17 p.m. in one major city.

When daylight saving time ends at 2:00 a.m. on November 1, the clocks will go back by an entire hour in most parts of the country.

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Toronto's health-care system is on its way to being reworked to ensure that what happened to Joyce Echaquan won't happen here. 

Narcity spoke to the Strategic Lead in Indigenous Health at Temerty Medicine (University of Toronto), Dr. Lisa Richardson, to learn about future initiatives that will be implemented to keep Indigenous and Black patients safe in Toronto hospitals. 

Richardson, who is of mixed Anishinaabe descent, shared some of the practices that those in healthcare can expect to be using in the future, and how institutions will be held accountable. 

Editor's Choice: Hudson Bay Is Facing Eviction In Canadian Malls Over Unpaid Rent & Millions Owed

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