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A Canadian man is going viral after posting a video of himself dancing after getting a COVID-19 vaccine dose.

Gurdeep Pandher, a Yukon resident, spoke to Narcity about his dance style, the history behind it, his life in northern Canada and being an online sensation. 

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Happy birthday to a Canadian icon! March 4 is Catherine O’Hara’s birthday and there’s no better time to look back at her impressive life and career.

To mark the occasion, the internet is celebrating the lady that gave us Moira Rosa from Schitt’s Creek, Delia from Beetlejuice and even Kevin’s mom in Home Alone!

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Happy Birthday, Biebs! March 1 marks Justin Bieber’s birthday and so many celebrities have gone all-out to recognize the occasion. 

If well-wishes from the likes of Millie Bobby Brown, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, Hailey Baldwin and even Beyonce weren’t enough to mark the celebrations, Biebs himself even shared a throwback birthday photo.

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Love is in the air... and in your cereal bowl! The month of Valentines, sweethearts, and heart health is here. This February, Cheerios is bringing back its adorable happy heart-shaped cereal to your breakfast nook — but not for long.

You can snag the limited-edition boxes of Honey Nut, Yellow-Box, Blueberry and Chocolate Cheerios at grocery retailers across Canada beginning February 1. In these special releases, you'll find the iconic "O's" switched out to tiny hearts, a declaration of love and health.

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As Donald Trump left the White House for the last time on Wednesday, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was quick to react on social media.

Taking to Twitter, the 18-year-old revived an old comment that the former president had once said to her.

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