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On this episode of Good Bites Takeout, host Mahlet Yordanos check out The Heartbreak Chef, Toronto's most coveted comfort food. Their menu focuses on things like massive fried chicken sandwiches, chicken & waffles, loaded grilled cheese, and loads of sides.  

Their fried chicken sandwiches are a cult favourite and they're constantly cooking up secret menu items that keep their clients guessing.

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Toronto restaurant The Heartbreak Chef is selling its massive chicken sandwiches for just $5 and the deal had people lining up before doors opened.

On March 20, from noon until they're sold out, the spot is offering $7 off its Big Ass Chicken Sandwich and Dutty Chicken sandwich, with all proceeds going to the Parkdale Community Food Bank.

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Jordan* and I grew up together. We were in the same enriched gifted classes and spent our childhoods making robots, acting in plays and doing sudokus together. I would come home to an arm full of pen tattoos that my Mom would scrub off - little drawings of birds, Jordan's favourite, or our initials, N&J, scrawled in hearts. 

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Heartbreak: the worst feeling and the best reason to drink. You just got your heart broken, and you just want to stop thinking about your ex for a night. Your friends are probably begging you to go out, they tell you you deserve better and to forget about your ex. Sounds easy enough, right?

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There are a few couple things that one can easily get over-- increased public transit rates, the death of our favourite character on TV, the discontinuation of white hot chocolate at Tim Horton's etc. Yup, don't get me wrong, it doesn't take long to get over a few things but unfortunately one of the few things that that are tattooed on both our minds and hearts include that ex who broke your heart which led to a really messy break up that you relive over and over.

You're sad, miserable for what seems like forever and it's totally understandable--- but honey it's time to move on and get on with yo' life! Luckily for you psychologists have been trying to answer the age-old question, "how do I get over it?". That being said, here are a few ways to get over that pesky ex that won't leave your heart.

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