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Every Calgarian knows that Kensington is one of Calgary's best places to visit. It's typically stereotyped as a hipster-esque kind of place, and that label isn't far off. Kensington is super full of culture, and really interesting things to do, all year round. 

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No matter if you call yourselves best friends, BFFs, Bitties, Gals, or whatever, you know that a night out on the town is not complete without your partner in crime! The term has basically become a trend and hey, we're not complaining! Having friends is great but no one will ever compare to your best friend. 

They've seen you at your best, they've seen you at your worst and you can act like total weirdos around each other and are no strangers when it comes to having fun. If you and your best friend can’t figure what to do on a Friday night in Edmonton, maybe these 10 fun ideas can inspire your night girls night so you two can keep those good times goin! 

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