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During summer, we love to get a little crazy. Proudly dancing with your besties on your favourite bar top or pulling all-nighters and spending 36 hours awake. Yes, those moments create unforgettable memories and funny stories. If you've been missing Sunday brunch in the bed with your bae, what about going away for a romantic weekend with your significant other?

BC has some amazing hideaways surrounded by breathtaking views and unbelievable beauty. Leave the city life behind and spend a fantastic weekend with your other half. Wake up to rays of sunlight and birdsongs in the arms of the cherished being. Share breakfast by the water in the peaceful calm of nature. Just spend a simple and cozy weekend with the person that matters the most to you.

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I didn't grow up in BC, but what I love about this region is how many astonishing pieces of nature I discover everyday, even when walking downtown Vancouver. Caring about the protection of the environment, I am always amazed by all the green areas and the biodiversity that you can find in Vancouver.

Looking for spots in BC to visit this summer, I have found such wonderful and isolated places that made me fall in love with the West Coast even harder. Forget about about the Lighthouse Park, Granville Island or Pacific Spirit Park, BC gathers so much stunning natural beauty that everyone should try this Summer.

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If your stuck in Vancouver over the Summer for work or university, no need to be upset: Vancouver has amazing spots to watch the most colourful and stunning sunsets in Canada! Take an hour to walk on the beach hand in hand with your bae.

Watching the sunset in the arms of your lover, with the rays of sunshine caressing your skin. I can't think of a better way to end a summer day. Take a break from your hectic routine and ask your boo for a date at sunset.

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