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Alberta has seen a boom in filming for movies and TV shows over the last couple of years and 2022 is no exception.

There are loads of shows using the province as a backdrop and we can't wait to point out all the places we know. For some, you won't have to wait that long, either.

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Everyone remembers their first date. Or, if it went really poorly, you skip and choose to remember your first significant other. You've probably noticed though, that dating changed drastically from when you were a teenager. Maybe you thought it was so much easier back then. All you had to do is like the same movies or the same kind of music, and that pretty much made you a couple. 

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Ah, SD45. The district with only two high schools (public schools that is). Oh wait, I guess three if you're including Rockridge.

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HT- Home of the Titans. Where khaki pants were an every day occurrence and morning prayers ended with "Love of Jesus fill us, Holy Spirit guide us, will of the Father be done." It's that Catholic high school in Oakville that had (still has) the best sports teams in the whole city and great black and gold school spirit.

If you went to Holy Trinity, you shared many great memories with friends and teachers. You lived in the atrium at one of the three benches, and became best friends with Phyllis and George.

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If you went to William Aberhart High School, chances are, you have a ton of amazing memories. It’s a great school, with an even better faculty and a good reputation. However, as cool and fun as it is, it is also filled to the brim with weird quirks and traditions that we struggle to explain as graduates.

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