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If you live in Georgia, you might be surprised to find that your humble home state has uncanny replicas of tropical Hawaiian adventures. This beautiful hike in the Empire State of the South is a much less strenuous version of the notorious "Stairway to Heaven" hike in Oahu — but the views are just as immaculate.

If you don't have the funds to head 4,000+ miles away from the continental U.S., you can venture to paradise right here at home.

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Your hiking dreams are just around the corner. There's actually a miniature Grand Canyon and it's only a short road trip from Florida. You can explore Providence Canyon, also known as the "Little Grand Canyon," at a state park in Georgia.

Providence Canyon State Park is just a 2.5-hour road trip from Tallahassee. If you're in North Florida or the Panhandle, this hike is well worth the drive.

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You don't have to travel all the way to the Caribbean to find turquoise water. The Golden State is full of surprises and there's an endless amount of places to explore. Did you know that there are natural pools of clear water in California you can swim in?

Whether you're a tried and true local or just passing through, this part of the South Yuba River is definitely a bucket list item you need to check off.

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When exploring parts of New Mexico, you often wind up taking long, adventurous walks.

Most of these hikes require lots of walking, however, there's one that involves more climbing than anything else. Pueblo Loop Trail at Bandelier National Monument is filled with numerous rewarded stops along the way: 21, to be exact.

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Grab your jacket, because these stunning lookout points near Toronto are spectacular places to enjoy the outdoors and see the fall colours.

You can gaze across a patchwork of red and orange from atop towering bridges and rolling valleys.

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