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Drake is known for being a lover boy, and the iconic rapper sure was wearing his heart on his sleeve at OVO Fest when he introduced Keshia Chanté to the stage.

Chanté, a Canadian singer and TV host, performed at History for Drake's All Canadian North Stars concert on July 28, and his introduction to his old flame "Kiki" was pretty heartfelt.

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If you’ve always dreamt of going to an Ivy League university but you were anxious about being rejected or going into debt, then now's the time to make that dream come true.

A bunch of Ivy League universities are offering free online courses this spring, and you can learn from the best and brightest while staying home and cozy.

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If you're looking for a Mexico getaway where you can live it up like a reality TV star, then now's your chance to book the gorgeous villa from Too Hot To Handle Season 1.

Just think of all the things those walls have seen!

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Walking through the Cabbagetown neighbourhood of Toronto for only a few minutes, it can quickly become apparent what sets this area apart from others in the city.

In this episode of Then&Now, Toronto Historian Morgan Cameron Ross looks back at the neighbourhood that has the "largest preserved continuous area of Victorian houses in North America."

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For those looking for a spooky adventure or even a terrifying living situation, the perfect spot for you has just hit the market in Florida.

The Old Gilchrist County Jail in Trenton, Florida is the only "decommissioned, certifiably haunted" jail in the state, and it has been attracting visitors with its "heavy paranormal activity" since its closing in 1968.

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