The Tampa Bay area is full of fun and exciting adventures go on, from thrilling rides to pristine beaches. But sometimes you just need a break from the noise and the crowds, no matter how much fun you’re having. This affordable Florida Airbnb rental cabin with a riverside hot tub view is the perfect spot to unwind and reconnect with the peace and quiet of nature.

Found in the historic town of Homosassa, this cabin will provide all you need for the perfect weekend getaway. You can escape with your favorite adventure buddy or travel solo, either way, the views are totally worth it.

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Florida is a modern hub of technology and innovation, and the state’s bright future is prefaced with a long and rich history. You can still find pieces of Florida’s deep past today, in the steadfast ruins of old forts and the crumbling remains of long-gone plantations. Florida ruins to explore this fall include the Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins, which make for the perfect spooky autumn adventure.

The dusty ruins of this ancient mill take you back in time to the mid-1800s.

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There's something about monkeys that makes us smile. Maybe it's because they look a little bit like us or because they're so fluffy and full of personality. Regardless of why you love them, you can watch monkeys in Florida on a 24-hour live cam.

Monkeys, in the Sunshine State? It's true!

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