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You can wander through so many blooms while en route to a stunning turquoise bay on this beautiful trail in Ontario.

The Hope Bay Lookout is located along the Bruce Trail in Lion's Head, and it's the perfect warm-weather hike. 

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The big city can be all-consuming, and with spring around the corner, it's the perfect time to escape for an afternoon.

There are a ton of day trips from Toronto that are under three hours away, meaning you can fit the whole adventure in one day. 

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If you were hoping to cross the Canada-U.S. border for discretionary reasons this summer, there could be good news ahead.

As President Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau met as leaders for the first time via video call on Tuesday, one U.S. congressman revealed that he “hopes” border restrictions will ease-off starting in May.

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On December 25, 2020, the Queen's Christmas speech was broadcasted for the world to see. Queen Elizabeth spoke of the trials and tribulations of 2020, but most of all she spoke of hope moving into the new year. 

"Every year, we herald the coming of Christmas by turning on the lights. And light does more than creating a festive mood, light brings hope," she began. Continuing to say that people of all faiths have been unable to gather in the ways they are used to this year.

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British Columbia is a treasure trove of secret places and hidden gems. All across the province are magnificent glaciers, sprawling meadows and vineyards, breathtaking mountains and vast oceans, there isn't a single space that God forgot to bless in this place. And we're here to show them to you.

This map will take you on the most epic journey you will ever experience in BC. From glacial kayaking to waterfall cliff diving, enchanted forests to magical treehouses, you'll never guess what BC has in store for you.

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