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horseback riding

The first warm breeze of spring means that it's time to start planning adventures with friends and family — and Quebec has plenty to offer.

From hiking the cliffs alongside the Saint-Laurent River to exploring the historic architecture of Quebec City, you can be surrounded by breathtaking scenery no matter where you go in the province.

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Abbotsford. Or as I call it, the Saskatchewan of BC. You’ve ended up in this part of town and you’re thinking to yourself, “now what?” That’s fair. Look, Abbotsford isn’t my first choice either. You’ve got long grassy plains for miles, your idea of fun is counting wheat barrels, and the smell of cow will stay up your nose all. damn. day.

It doesn’t help that you’re doing a sober month either. I get it, we all need to take a break from drinking. With the summer swiftly approaching we all know that can only mean one thing: patio season is upon us. And let’s be real, no one is going dry when pitchers of sangria are going to be available for $15.

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