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For real, guys - travel does not have to be expensive. You're rolling your eyes, but it truly doesn't! You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on hotels, flights and tourist attractions to have a crazy amazing time at your destination, and you don't need to limit yourself to remote locations in the middle of nowhere to be able to afford to travel. Below are various methods and resources for exploring the world on even the tightest budget, so if you've got a seriously perpetual case of wanderlust, you can't let money be the excuse that stops you from getting out there.

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I can't afford to travel.” Says the guy who's eating McDonald's and buying two pitchers of Coors every Friday night. Anyway.

When you see people travelling on Facebook you're probably wondering where they got all the money from. Probably from their parents. Maybe they just brought their credit card. They probably robbed a bank, let's be real.

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