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If you love one or more of the Real Housewives shows, you're not alone, not even close! In fact, fans love the shows so much they've begun to adopt a love for any and every restaurant that makes an appearance, but one spot in the Atlanta version of the show stands out more than the rest. Atlanta's Original Hot Dog Factory is coming to Houston this year!

Original Hot Dog Factory was started by former Arizona Cardinals fullback Dennis McKinley, whose fame continues for being in a drama-filled relationship with Porsha Williams.

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Non, c'est pas un poisson d'avril (parce qu'on est pas au mois d'avril). C'est pas une mauvaise joke non plus, et je te promets que tu n'hallucines pas. Tu pourras manger des hot dogs pour juste une piasse aujourd'hui.

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Think you've conquered all the best burgers in Toronto? Time to move on to the next best fast food, hot dogs. Toronto is home to some pretty delicious hot dogs! Although sometimes forgotten behind the success of the burger, these places are surefire standouts!

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We may not have as many street meat places that Toronto does, but we're definitely not lacking in the delicious hot dog department. Honestly, there is no way to write this article without sounding dirty so let's just all laugh together.

Whether you like only mustard on your dog or you love a chilli dog, Ottawa has got it all for you! Even though the hot dog scene is limited here, that doesn't mean you can't find an amazing hot dog. So here are 8 best hot dogs in Ottawa!

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It's no secret that Toronto is chalked full of amazing restaurants but when it comes to hot dogs, Burlington might have us beat.  Sure, a hot dog isn't the most glamorous of meals, but it's pretty hard to resist these hot dogs once you see a couple drool worthy pictures.

Easterbrooks Hot Dog Stand is located in Burlington Ontario, about half an hour outside of Toronto.  They are known for their seriously delicious 12-inch hot dogs, and their awesome topping combinations.  And yes - they do offer a veggie dog option.

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