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Hold on tight ladies (and gentlemen) because this list of Vancouver male models is going to make your panties drop.

Anyone who has lived in, or even visited, Vancouver knows that there is no shortage of gorgeous men out here in the 604.

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We all know how expensive it is to purchase a home in Vancouver. Unless you are the heir to a large fortune or recently received a large sum of money, you probably aren't planning on buying a new home any time soon.

Just because you can't afford to actually buy anything now doesn't mean you aren't allowed to see what your future home as a Vancouver millionaire could look like. Especially when a handsome, sharply dressed gentlemen is the one showing it to you.

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Attention single ladies of Toronto! A few weeks ago we posted 24 of the hottest guys of Toronto on Bumble, and this week we're back with 15 more.

Stay calm and scroll on to see who made the list!

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Vancouver certainly has some beautiful views: luscious green space, beautiful beaches and not to mention some seriously gorgeous men.

I'll be honest, I thought I would have a much harder time finding guys for this list then I did but in the end I came out with 15 hot Vancouver guys that will certainly have you drooling onto you phone while you troll through their Instagram accounts. Good thing I made it so easy to follow them.

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When in doubt they'll pull you out. Now and then it is possible to bypass a legal issue without hiring a lawyer but don't forget there is a well known saying, when you stand for yourself you might have a "fool for a client."

 It's ok to cause a little bit of trouble but sometimes things can go overboard and that is when we become desperate for a lawyer. Why not hire a hot lawyer you can admire and fantasize about???

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