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If you only have one day to spend in YQR, you better make the most of it! Regina has much to offer when it comes to places to go, things to do, and food to eat (including unreal cupcakes #omnomnom).

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Let's be honest, we're obsessed with Instagram. Not a day goes by that we don't find an excuse to go to a certain place for an opportunity to get the perfect Instagram shot. We've become a generation of "pics or it didn't happen" so naturally we are inclined to share every possible moment with the world when we're out and about doing something cool.

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I think there needs to be a national holiday for treating yourself. If things like pizza and donuts have their own personal days to shine, then we more than deserve a day to bask in self-love and appreciation. Who's with me?!

I'm seeing a lot of raised hands out there so I've decided to put together a little something for you to use when you're in the mood to treat yourself. Think: Massages at Skin by Jane, a spa day at Temple Gardens and a Wine & Cheese night at Willow Park.

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