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Toronto's Humber River Hospital shared a wholesome video of its staff members dancing to some good news on Wednesday.

In the clip, frontline workers can be seen vibing out to the '80s classic "I'm So Excited" as they celebrate the opening of their new COVID-19 vaccine clinic. 

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It looks like one of those spaceships at the end of the first Men in Black took off from Queens and landed in Etobicoke.

It's called the Oculus – a pretty big name for a toilet – and it was once slated for demolition, but it's been saved, and was even brightened up on October 17 with an installation called Brighter Days Ahead, a reference to its imminent restoration.

It's more than 60 years old now, and it looks like this bathroom's going to last at least another generation.

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The city may be full of wildlife, but one type of Toronto fox has been turning heads over the past few weeks. 

Multiple foxes with gorgeous black fur and a white-tip tail have been spotted throughout the city. 

The majestic looking critters appear to be making a home in multiple spots across the 6ix including Queen's Park, Christie Pits, and Humber Bay.

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Class is about to be in session across Toronto, and before you hit the books you might as well hit the dance floor for possibly one last time. And although many frosh events within schools might be top secret and limited, there are also some that are open to students of different schools. 

With a cool array of different frosh parties happening across the city, there's going to be a party for you! So apart from attending your own frosh, here are a few spots that you need to hit before you tap into that hibernation study mood. Cheers to a lit semester!

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So the school year has officially resumed and that means the start of readings, assignments, and all that is fun and school related. Don't get me wrong, the commencement of classes aren't so bad as you get to finally be productive again and get pumped with all kinds of school spirit. The University of Guelph-Humber was established in 2002 as a collaboration between the University of Guelph and Humber College. That being said, it's no wonder why this baby faced university is often overlooked and under represented within the pool of Ontario universities.

This university, small but mighty, is climbing its way up with more and more students enrolling into the growing family of GH Owls with nothing but amazing things to report. But every school has its strengths and struggles, and this one has no exceptions.

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