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Melanie Morton has a husband, a girlfriend and a popular TikTok account about her polyamorous love life, and she recently opened up to Narcity about how it takes three to make all of that possible.

Morton's TikTok account is all about her life in an open marriage, and she often uses it to explain how her relationships work while busting a lot of myths and misconceptions people have.

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Who comes first: your childhood best friend or your husband? It might be a tough call to make, but what if your husband was being super flirty with your childhood best friend?

A woman on Reddit says she found herself in the awkward position of fending off her best friend's husband via text, and things only got worst when she told her bestie about it.

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If your partner cheated on you and then died, would you let the person with whom they cheated know he was gone?

A woman says she took on the dreadful task of informing her husband's mistress that he'd died, and she documented the extremely awkward story about it on TikTok.

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If you're a fan of Big Brother Canada then you're likely a fan of the host, Arisa Cox.

She has amazing energy and when she's off the screen she loves spending time with her husband and kids. If you're wondering, "Who is Arisa Cox's husband?" here's what we know. 

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During a live stream about mental health on Facebook, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau revealed that her husband shows his emotions easily and she finds it "hot."

A few minutes into the video, one of the people she was chatting with spoke about how showing emotion is stigmatized for men and boys and that led her to get personal.

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