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The warmer weather is starting to kick in within Canada, which means that icebergs will begin arriving in Newfoundland shortly as part of their journey from Greenland.

While it may seem strange to spot giant glaciers cruising through the Maritimes, it's actually an annual occurrence in Newfoundland.

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It's that time of year again — iceberg season! The time of year where everyone gathers to watch these huge ice masses travel down the Atlantic. People come from far and wide just to catch a glimpse. It's every photographer's paradise to shoot one of these beauties.

Nothing seems to beat the magnificent sight of these humongous arctic sculptures. So where can you spot these icebergs? We have a list to help you on your way!

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If you're one of those who moved off the island there are things you will definitely miss. Some places just can't compare to the lovely charm and uniqueness of this province. Whether it's the food that you crave or the adventures you dream of, there will always be a little piece of your heart dedicated to Newfoundland.

If you've spent some time on the rock you've danced your ass off, hiked along the coastline and had the best fish and chips life can offer. Along with those obvious activities you more than likely miss some of these as well.

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St. John's is overflowing with history, amazing sights, beautiful architecture, rich meals and one of a kind people. The oldest city in Canada, it has an abundant amount of charm that won't disappoint. St. John's also has one of the most colourful waterfronts in the world!  Newfoundlanders used to make their livelihood from fishing, so it's obvious that we know how to do seafood. Stop by for a fresh feed of fresh cod and salmon.

These days St. John's is known for it's bar and pub strip called George Street, where travellers come from all over the world and make fools of themselves thinking they can drink a typical Newfoundlander under the table. Of course there are many other things we're known for, like the magnificent icebergs that float down the Avalon in the Spring, or the endless supply of talent that play in various venues around town. If you're still not convinced that St. John's should be on your list of places to visit, then here are 19 more reasons why you need to visit if you haven't already.

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Looking to hit the road this winter with a few of the by's? You've been to Gros Morne more times than you can count. You want to stop by a fun place outside the city for a weekend away. A place where you gain some solitude but can also have a deadly cabin party. A place where you can make memories with your partner or with your closest friends.

Getting away for the weekend is easier with these excellent options. Make it a short and sweet drive or an excursion —  these towns won't let you and your crew down!

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