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Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu has confirmed that the idea of vaccine passports in Canada is being discussed by the government.

In an interview on CTV News’ Question Period, she revealed that talks are “very live” among the G7 countries, noting that the idea has been discussed between herself and health ministers across multiple countries.

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COVID-19 has been tough for small businesses, with many being forced to close their doors and cease operations for good. 

However, many Canadians are holding on and some have even taken this opportunity to do something new. That includes many Black-owned businesses run by women in the product, service and tech landscape.

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COVID-19 vaccines are being administered around the world, but you might need a way to prove you got one in order to travel or enter venues and restaurants.

The idea has been considered by multiple countries, but some, including the World Health Organization (WHO), are not sold on it.

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If you thought your Blockbuster days were over, think again.

Toronto's Farside bar has transformed into a video rental shop with a boozy twist.

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Just because the weather is cooling down doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy life as much as when it's summer. You just need to be a little more creative to get some additional warmth, which is perfect for a cozy date!

Whether you want to go crazy and get a bubble tent, floating hot tub, garden igloo, or hammock cacoon, there are also lots more low key date ideas that are just as awesome. Get your blankets ready and enjoy these 15 Ridiculously Awesome Date Ideas For Fall That Are Cozy AF.

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