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With just over one week to go until former president Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, his top lawyers have reportedly stepped down.

Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier, who were previously Trump’s lead impeachment lawyers, have left the team per a “mutual decision.”

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Donald Trump was officially impeached for the second time by the House of Representative's Wednesday afternoon.

Some of those watching the historic event have quite the photographic memory, as they noticed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wore the exact same thing at both impeachments.

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Citizens across the United States had their eyes glued to the TV on Wednesday as the second impeachment vote for Donald Trump unfolded in the House of Representatives.

Georgia Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Greene took the stand wearing a face mask which had "Censored" written across it, and Twitter was quick with the jokes.

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The impeachment trial of Donald Trump will now move on to phase two as votes have been counted in the House of Representatives.

The gavel dropped and President Trump was impeached by what is now the most bipartisan impeachment vote in American history after 10 Republicans sided with House Democrats.

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All eyes are on the House of Representatives as the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump continues.

The trial comes exactly one week after Pro-Trump rioters violently stormed the United States Capitol building, which has apparently left some Republican House reps scared for their lives.

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