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A Canadian company is looking for the best music video of 2020 created by an independent artist in Canada and it could totally be you!

That's right, the Canadian Independent Music Video Awards is on the hunt for various artistic works created this year which will be voted on and announced at a later date in 2021, according to a news release Tuesday.  

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There are tons of really great chains that have braced the streets of Toronto. We have a Starbucks on every corner, hundreds of McDonalds, Milestones and PLENTY of Jack Astor's. These restaurants are perfect for when you're craving something you know is good. 

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We come from a generation line that always tells you to be independent. They tell you that in order to get far in life, you're going to have to sort through all your demons alone. They tell you that you if you rely on someone else, then you are weak and too dependent to function. They tell you that independence inevitably equates to isolation which is a sign of strength.

And they couldn't be more wrong.

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So the new school year is among us and whether you're a starting out freshman or a senior toughing it out for their last year, we all can't deny that we've thought about a potential school year fling that you see on the movies. A fling that starts by bumping into a cute guy in the hallways, and all your books fall and when you bend down to pick them up and then your hands touch and then you look into each other's eyes realizing that he's the one. Yeah, don't lie and deny that you've fantasized about a school year romance.

Unfortunately, that's probably never going to happen unless your life is a chick flick. But that's okay because contrary to popular belief, you don't actually need to cuff yourself this cuffing season. Yeah, you heard me and you've probably heard it a million and one times before too but you sometimes staying single can be good for you, especially during the already stressful enough school year.

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Ladies in Toronto will make you do a double take- especially the one's with big brains. Toronto is full of sexy, independent and intelligent women. They know how to get what they want and don't let anything stand in their way. Intelligence brings confidence and that is one of the sexiest things in a woman.

So, why are intelligent Toronto ladies the sexiest? Listen up gentlemen:

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