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If there's one thing you can expect out of visiting or living in Houston, it's having your belly stuffed with some of the best food in the world. We've come to learn that the crazier the food is, the better. That's why we've made a list of Houston's most delicious yet crazy food places; the top seven, that is. 

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The struggle of going back to school is real. Those first few weeks always take some getting used to. Lectures paired with chapters and chapters of reading can get boring pretty quick.

Not all classes are boring though! Study abroad programs offer the opportunity to learn while travelling the world and having insane experiences. Check out the programs and see just what craziness the world has to offer!

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Shambhala has some of the best dressed people out of allll the festivals in my opinion. The most insane, creative, funny, and beautiful costumes are shown off for those magical 4 days. You never know what could might even stumble upon a proposal.

My fellow shambhalovelies, I wish I could include you all (but at some point I had to stop myself)! There are just so many amazing people, it's what makes the festival so special. Speaking of special, I didn't forget the epic totems! They are just as important as the outfits themselves. So spread the shambhalove and enjoy 72 Photos Of The Best Dressed People At Shambhala 2017.

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Toronto Real Estate is famous for their obscene prices on the average home, let alone a luxury property. Many millennials wonder whether or not they will ever be able to afford a house in this great city of ours, what with lives full of avocado toasts and after-hours drinks. 

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So you’ve only got 24 hours in Vancouver. No, you’re not Kiefer Sutherland but you can pretend that you are, it’s okay! I digress… you have 24 hours in Vancouver to explore the most insane things that the city has to offer. What do you do? 

The city can be a lot to explore in one go. There’s so much more to Vancouver than just food, even though, okay, that part is super important. There are so many other ways to get your jollies on then jump to the next. You can do it. You’ve been hopped up on 5-hour energy all damn day! 

You’re going to be able to find insane things in every part of the city on any day of the week. Don’t tell me you left your game face at home. Shy people need not apply. I know there are 1001 amazing things to do in the city and you're going to want to do them all. You already know you can't. It's okay. Don't stress out.  The list below is meant to help you sort through the city on any given day. Just passing through? Here for a week? I've got you covered. 

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