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Spring is in the air and we're all starting to thaw out from the cold winter months. Now is the time to begin searching and bookmarking new experiences that allow you to fully enjoy the warmer weather and soak up the soon-to-be summer sun.

Why not take this opportunity to discover your local BC Wine country and taste some of the best wine that BC has to offer?

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Remember when you were a kid and General Mills' cereal boxes came with cool collectibles like merch and video games?

You'd rush to find out what goodies were inside, and then you'd spend hours assembling collectables, playing with movie-themed figurines or — if you really hit the jackpot — building a theme park on your new Roller Coaster Tycoon computer game.

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With a new flavour added to McDonald's Li'l Donuts menu, it seemed like the perfect time to put them to the test. 

I tried all six selections and ranked them from my least to most favourite. This is my honest opinion

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Spring is coming, restrictions are loosening, and people are no doubt thinking about gathering rules in Ontario.

Narcity spoke to Dr. Peter Jüni, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Toronto, about what we can do now that the weather is warming up.

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If you were hoping to travel inside Canada this spring break — there may be bad news ahead.

The federal government has made it clear that all non-essential travel is a no-go right now, including trips made via car inside the country.

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