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Her Royal Highness Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark just turned 21 last month and is living the life you've always wanted. Born in New York City, this princess studies photography at Parsons School of Design, walks at fashion shows, and is well...LITERALLY A FREAKING PRINCESS.

With over 120,000 followers on Instagram, she isn't afraid to show off her luxurious lifestyle, but also her down-to-earth "I-look-freaking-hot-in-sweatpants-too" personality.

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À moins que tu ne vives sous une roche, tu sais que ce week-end, le festival Osheaga a eu lieu. Des dizaines de milliers de personnes y ont assisté, dont nos Instababes québécoises préférées.

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Vancouver has beautiful landscapes, beautiful scenery, and beautiful people so of course we also have some pretty talented photographers killing the game.

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Though the Halifax modelling scene is small, there are a few young professionals that are killing the game right, appearing in photo shoots all over the city and working with local designers to create amazing campaigns!

These days having a dope Instagram feed is the best way to promote your modelling portfolio.  The 14 models we’ve listed below in no particular order work hard to post awesome pictures and create dynamic accounts.  Some are just starting out in the modelling game, while others are seasoned pros!  Regardless you won't regret following this talented bunch.

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With so much going on in Halifax at all times, it’s important to keep your Instagram feed up to date with talented local photographers and bloggers.  That way you can lie in bed and watch Netflix and IMAGINE you’re at different, cool, real life things.  Which is the dream, right?

Here’s a list of 12 very different, very artistic local influencers who are capturing the essence of our city in some really creative ways.

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