instagram ban

Kanye West briefly returned to social media on Monday just to celebrate the "death" of Pete Davidson — or at least, to celebrate the death of his relationship with Ye's ex, Kim Kardashian.

It's no secret that West has had it out for "Skete" for a while now, ever since the comedian started dating his ex-wife late last year. He even made a claymation music video depicting Davidson's "death" a few months ago.

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The backlash against Russia's invasion of Ukraine is hitting Russian influencers where they live: on Instagram.

Russian President Vladimir Putin officially banned access to Instagram in the country on Monday, leaving some of Russia's most popular influencers without access to their favourite money-making platform.

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Russia is moving to declare Facebook and Instagram parent Meta an "extremist organization," after the company lifted rules around discussing violence for some countries.

Russia is also reportedly blocking access to Instagram, just as it's done with Facebook and Twitter.

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