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With the Internet around, things can spread like rapid fire. Well what about a career that could spread at the same speed thanks to our lovely little friend called social media? So I decided to try out what it's like living the life of a Toronto Instagram model for a day (or just a few hours). 

So how did this start exactly? Well it's quite simple, just create an Instagram account with a catchy blog name and handle. I decided to name mine @servinglooks_to because I knew the goal of my blog was to focus on fashion. Regardless, I knew I'd be serving up some model-esque looks so I decided to cut straight to the chase in my blog title. 

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We all know how hard it can be to convince  your significant other to pose for a cute picture. Some serious pre-planning should be made if you want to achieve the ultimate adorable photo that you will eventually post all over your social media. One being the spot you take the picture.

If you want your next post to be hash-tagged #couplegoals, the following pictures are from some of the most Instagrammable spots in the city.

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