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I get it, you're tired of your routine. You wish you could just quit your job or graduate and then go wanderlusting through all the continents. I mean, I can practically see you feeding monkeys in Bali and buying sheets of silk in India through the echo of your imagination.

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I think we can agree that the digital age has taken over. Now, thanks to the Internet, the world is practically at our fingertips! Between all the uploading, downloading and sharing, social networking has basically become a way of life for some Vancouverites.

It's even changed Vancouver's job opportunities for the better! With the power of the Internet, literally anything is possible as a career path, so long as your connection is fast and reliable.

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Vancouver is super #blessed that we get to enjoy all four seasons. The only problem that brings is that during the in-between seasons, it gets really frustrating to choose what to wear. Either your sweating in your big ass bomber jacket because you thought it was going to rain (or snow in last weekend's case), or you're freezing your butt off in your light cardi because you thought the day was going to warm up. Result: you end up wearing tights and a sweater.

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