Even though this holiday season will be different, Union Station is surprising downtown Toronto with the holiday magic we all need this year. For the first time, Union Holiday - Presented by TD will bring a luminous and immersive outdoor glacier wall installation to Front Street Plaza. 

From now until January 3rd, this installation will be open to those of all ages--be they commuters or passersby--so they can get outdoors for some winter fun. To ensure visitors are practicing safe social distancing protocols, Union Station staff and social-distancing markers will be on-site throughout the installation.

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Put on your moon boots, because this magical installation is literally out-of-this-world. You can take a trip to outer space by visiting these giant glowing planets that have landed in the province. Ottawa's giant Earth installation is now on display, and you'll feel like an astronaut as you gaze up at this mesmerizing artwork.

Ever wondered what it would be like to travel into outer space? This magical installation gives you a peek at what life might be like in the galaxies.

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Saturday night from 6pm until midnight Halifax will host it’s annual outdoor art show Nocturne, during which galleries and business’ will remain open all night as artists display a variety of works for the public to interact with and enjoy.

The streets will be packed as Nova Scotians come into Halifax from all over the province to take part in this radical art show.  Climb into the inflatable Breastival Vestibule that will be on display at the Khyber Centre For The Arts, created by Rachel Shannon.  This living, breathing inflatable room creates a soft, relaxing space for visitors to hang out in.

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