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If you claimed any of the federal government’s COVID-19 benefits in 2020, you could qualify for Canada’s temporary tax relief this year.

Announced in February, the targeted interest relief gives eligible Canadians an interest-free year to return any debt related to the COVID-19 benefits claimed.

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After millions of Canadians claimed Canada's COVID-19 benefits last year, many are now wondering how the funding will impact their taxes.

Ahead of what’s set to be an “incredibly complicated” tax season, one expert chatted with Narcity about what Canadians should expect this year.

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If you've been feeling a little confused about Canada's new temporary tax relief, this video should help clear things up!

On February 9, the federal government announced that Canadians who received COVID-19 benefits would be given an interest-free year to return any debt related to those benefits.

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If you’ve received COVID-19 benefits in Canada over the last year, the federal government is stepping up its support for you ahead of tax time.

In an announcement shared on Tuesday, Justin Trudeau confirmed that Canadians who received pandemic benefits will have a year to return any debt from those benefits without interest.

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Many Millennials' bank-accounts will be emptier than usual again because Canadians' student loan repayments are due again this October.

To help out with financial difficulties that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, borrowers were enjoying a six-month payment and interest freeze between March 30 to September 30, 2020. 

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