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The FBI has found a new way to help identify those involved in the January 6 Pro-Trump Capitol riots.

The bureau launched a new section of their most wanted webpage featuring hundreds of photos of those involved in the riot, and they're asking the public's help identifying them.

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In a bid to make the city a greener and more equitable place, a Toronto teen is running to be the youngest city councillor in the city's history.

Renee Jagdeo spoke to Narcity over the phone, explaining that almost her entire team is comprised of youth as well.

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A class-action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of seven people that were injured or killed by the Jasper Icefield bus crash in July. The suit claims the company and driver were reckless and didn't ensure passenger safety, according to a press conference on Wednesday, September 30.

Sweta Patel, 27, and her husband Suraj, 31, both survived the deadly crash but have been left with serious injuries. They are two of the seven people who have filed the lawsuit.

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A family in Russell County, Ontario is reeling after their young son was attacked on September 22.

The family is characterizing the the incident as a racist attack. They say that the Ontario Provincial Police's response was "dismissive" and "lacklustre."

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A woman has been arrested at the Canada-U.S. border in connection with the poison mailed to the White House. The letter, sent to the American president’s home, was confirmed last week to contain ricin. Officials believe it may have been posted from Canada.

According to a new report from Global News, a woman has been arrested at the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, New York, in connection with a poisoned letter that was mailed to the White House last week.

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