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What's your favourite scary movie? Whether you're watching thrillers, sci-fi or slasher films, horror movies are a great way to kickstart the fall season and bring on the spooky vibes.

What you might not know is that there are tons of horror movies that were actually filmed in Canada, and you can even visit the locations for yourself.

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So far it's been nice out but the nights have already dropped to zero. It's coming, the cold is definitely coming. I've heard we are supposed to get an early winter this year but it's not like I'm a meteorologist.

Winter is on its way, though regardless, I do know that until it is here, let's make the most of it! We have a couple months left depending on how the weather goes

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If you haven't seen ITwhat are you doing? The movie is the biggest R-rated movie of all time, and definitely for a reason. Let's just say I was more than paranoid after coming home to a dark house after seeing the movie. 

Today, Warner Bros and New Line Cinema announced that the sequel will be haunting us once more on September 6th, 2019. If you've seen the size of Stephen King's novel, it's no wonder that the movie needed to be two parts.

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Did you know that Stephen King's super creepy crown thriller IT was filmed in Toronto? Because we sure as hell didn't. While Toronto is used as a film set on the reg for high budget films like Suicide Squad and our favourite legal show Suits, we were shocked to discover that this creeptastic film chose our safe and sunny city as the setting to their movie. 

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Young tech experts are a hot ticket in today’s job market. Never before has a generation grown up so closely with advanced technologies as millennials, which means we have some pretty desirable skills that are simply second nature to us – and recruiters know it.

TD is looking for the brightest young minds to join the teams within TD Technology Solutions and collaborate with others to evolve banking as we know it - creating a faster, simpler, and easier banking future.

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