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It’s the year 2022 and Gwen Stefani is once again being accused of ripping off another culture with her look — and this time, it’s all about dreadlocks.

Internet users have been putting Stefani on blast for the “dreadlocks” she seems to be wearing in Light My Fire, her latest video with Jamaican singer Sean Paul.

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You can eat like a star by visiting these Toronto restaurants loved by celebrities.

From Shawn Mendes and Jason Momoa to Elton John, we found out exactly what celebs love to order when in the 6ix so you can try some of these star-approved dishes yourself.

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Your next date night on the town may be on hold for the time being, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a romantic meal for two.

We reached out to you, our readers on Instagram, and asked for your go-to takeout spot in Toronto to impress your date. 

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Toronto is home to many, coming from different cultural backgrounds and ways of living. Many of us or our parents came from different countries, and with that being said our cultures are also brought over.

Since Toronto has much space for those cultures, such as the Caribbean culture, we end up living in a similar way to that of our backgrounds despite living in Toronto. So if you're Caribbean (or even if you're not) you can relate to some of these struggles of growing up in Toronto. 

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When you live in Toronto, there's no need to go back to Jamaica when there's such good Jamaican food around the city. With the city sharing great Caribbean influences, it's a sure thing that you'll find some of the best Caribbean eats in Toronto.

When you're ready for some jerk chicken and patties, be sure to check out these 11 delicious Jamaican restaurants located across the city. 

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