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Spring is such a pretty time of year. If you are searching for magical spots to see cherry blossoms in Ontario, we have a handy map of the best places to go.

Every spring, our province transforms into a pink paradise. But Toronto's High Park isn't the only option to see the gorgeous cotton candy-coloured blooms.

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The past year has been extremely stressful for many as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, but Japanese gardens might be the best place to visit in order to enjoy an afternoon of tranquillity.

This list will show you some of the best Japanese zen gardens in the country that will allow you to leave all of your pandemic blues behind and focus on finding peace in a world that has been so chaotic for what seems like an eternity.

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Is there anything better in life than all-you-can-eat menus? We don't think so. Whether you're hungry, broke, or just straight-up allergic to cooking, these menus will save the day. Thankfully, there are a number of Edmonton restaurants with all-you-can-eat menus, so you can fill up on food without freaking out about the bill. 

Editor's Choice: 2 Little Foxes Snuck Onto A Trampoline In Saskatchewan & Bounced Their Hearts Out (VIDEO)

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Florida gardens are a calming oasis from the grind of urban life. There are numerous such gardens spread all over the Sunshine State. One of the most magical is the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens near Miami.

The gardens bring a taste of Japan to South Florida. Most of the exhibits at the museum and gardens tells the fascinating story of not only Japan, but it's culture.

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If you are starving all the time but are counting all of your dimes, then you'll want to visit these cheap places to eat in Vancouver when you need a bite. We've found 11 tasty foods you can stuff your face with, for under $11.

When your bank account is looking extra empty, it is the perfect time to enjoy a happy hour with your friends.

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